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    To help our new customer have a good understanding of our fine products, we offer FREE testing of limited amount of product. Find out what you exactly need in our Product pages or call us at 86-21-62567722 for Shanghai or 86-10-85996189 for Beijing , and our sales staff is ready to help you.


    We recommend that you send your order to us by fax. We can also formulate the order according to your requirement for you to sign back.


    we will process your order and make the delivery within 3 days. We offer free delivery within Shanghai area. The cost of long distance transportation is to be borne by consignee.


    When you purchase from us, you're not just getting excellent products, you're buying products backed by a knowledgeable, experienced staff of chemists and field technicians. We are prepared to assist you in diagnosing problems in any aspect of the printing process, to conduct seminars on various lithographic technology topics, to perform pressroom audits and to reflect your opinion to our manufacturers.For any questions, please call : Robin Luo, our Application Engineer at 86-21-62565533.

Here at Shanghai ZhongFu Polychem, we take great pride in the fact that fulfilling your needs is our top priority. We strive not to satisfy, but to exceed your expectations. We encourage you to contact us for ANY question, concern or problem you may have regarding our products or company in general.

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